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NHS DECA, Leaders Club and Video Club volunteered a helping hand to Habitat for Humanity

DECA, Leaders Club and Video volunteered with Habitat for Humanity


On Friday, October 12, 2018, a group of 20 students from DECA, Leaders and Video Clubs volunteered a helping hand to Habitat for Humanity in building a home for those in need.  The day started cold and dreary, but once the students zipped into the crinkly yellow suits and put on the masks and utility belts, they got down to work, stripping the house of its original materials, such as foam board and insulation.  The group became a team, helping each other get work done.  All students worked long and hard for five hours.

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit charity focused on providing housing to the disadvantaged.  Since 1976, Habitat for Humanity has aided nearly 6.8 million people in 70 countries by providing affordable shelter.  The organization works in a variety of situations from natural disaster relief to neighborhood transformations.  Habitat's goal is to be able to give as many people possible for a safe shelter.

On Long Island, the Suffolk County division of Habitat for Humanity aims to building 10-12 homes per year.  Habitat mainly concerns itself with neighborhood revitaliation in order to create better environments. The sense of community and oneness is what enables volunteers to contribute to the charity of Habitat for Humanity.

The students took pride in serving the Bellport community and did so with a smile on their faces.

Submitted by

Cindy Curran

DECA Advisor

Newfield High School