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A Community Helper Visits Ms. Vecchio and Ms. Tamer's PRAISE Classrooms

Firefighter Hanley

On March 22, 2019, a local fireman, Mr. Hanley, came to visit Ms. Vecchio and Ms. Tamer's PRAISE classrooms.  The classes were working on a community helpers unit, and were learning about firefighters that week.  Mr. Hanley came into the classroom and interacted with the students by showing them various equipment and tools that firefighters use to keep people safe.  The students were able to use certain items, such as flashlights.  The students also all took turns putting on Mr. Hanley's helmet!  This was such a great experience for the students and it was an effective way to integrate real-life experiences to enhance their learning and social interactions!  The PRAISE team truly appreciates how generous Mr. Hanley was to take the time to come visit the kids.