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Artist Bren Bataclan Paints Murals at Stagecoach Inspired by Student’s Artwork

Artist Bren Bataclan has been working with students at Stagecoach Elementary School.  Teacher Karen Palmerini reached out to Bren back in April to let him know how much students loved his story.  He likes to teach the power of kindness through art by giving away paintings with the message, “This painting is yours if you promise to smile at random people more often.”  Mr. Bataclan began at Stagecoach by meeting the students in every class and teaching them how to draw his characters.  He then used one piece of student’s art work from every class as inspiration for the mural, along with words teachers drew such as caring and kindness.  He teaches students that they can leave a legacy through art by having their artwork proudly displayed through the hallway.  Students have enjoyed working with Bren Bataclan and watching their creations come to life!  Thanks to the Stagecoach PTA for sponsoring this great program!