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Safer Internet Day - February 11, 2020 - "Together for a better internet"

Safer Internet Day

Tuesday, February 11, is Safer Internet Day.  Safer Internet Day  is a worldwide event aimed at promoting the safe and positive use of digital technology for all users, especially children and teens.  This year's theme—Together for a better internet—encourages everyone to play their part in creating a safer, more secure internet.

What Does a Safer Internet Look Like?  If you have a minute, please watch the following video:

In the United States, Safer Internet Day has partnered with an organization called ConnectSafely.  ConnectSafely has great resources on their website including tips & advice, for students, educators, parents, and seniors.  There are specific guides written for cyberbullying, the most popular social media websites (TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.), games (Roblox), and general guides for things like cybersecurity, shopping, mobile phones, media literacy & fake news, and more.

Connect Safely Logo

Please take some time to check out the great information on ConnectSafely, and have a Safer Internet Day!

Dr. Vincent Raicovi