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Selden and Dawnwood MS students “Celebrate CTE” Month

On Monday, February 3rd, approximately 165 8th-grade Family and Consumer Sciences and Technology students from Selden and Dawnwood Middle Schools went “to work” for a day. They participated in the 10th Annual Job Shadowing Day event sponsored by the Middle Country Business Advisory Board (MCBAB). Instead of just reading and/or hearing about a career they got to experience the “behind the scenes” comings and goings of an average workday. The students saw firsthand how the education they are receiving in school is directly connected to future employment. 

Here’s what a few of the students had to say …

“This job requires lots of communication skills and patience. Working as a director or manager is indeed harder than it seems.” ~~ Ieva T. (director)

“This job uses many skills such as mathematics and communication.” ~- Anthony P. (billing agent for LI Laparoscopic Surgery group)

“It takes a lot of observing and organizing to be able to do all parts of the job well.” ~~ Danica L. (Oncology Nurse Navigator)

“Talking to kids and making assignments to help them learn is harder than I thought.” ~~ Paul G. (teacher)

“This job is much harder than it seems. It requires good decision making, organization, perseverance, good time management and careful thinking. Trying to use all these skills at once is quite hard but very useful.” ~~Riya B. (Martial Arts Instructor)

“I learned that it takes a lot of research and analyzing skills to be able to choose the right house and it takes a lot of working with other people.” ~~ Mohemeen A.. (construction - house renovating and resale)

CTE Student 1


CTE Student 2


CTE Student 3