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Use of Sport Fields Reminder (6/18): Fields Remain Closed

Please be advised that district fields are still not authorized for organization and group use.

We are well aware of so many of the regional, statewide and local emerging issues, intents, and motives to keep our youth athletes and teams active, fit, and competitive within hopeful future “return to play” directives…However, those have not yet changed status that MC District fields remain closed.

Partner groups (previously permitted), or any new or “ad hoc” groups trespassing on District fields are subject (as standard) to removal by the District and/or Authorities.

In the last several weeks, unauthorized field use issues and distractions have continued to interfere with everything the District has been doing (and is trying to do) to get our District athletes back on fields as soon as allowed, and to return our community sports programs to fields as quickly and optimally as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and support on this.

Stay fit, train safe, and be well.