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Regents Grading Practice for the 2022-2024 School Year

Dear Parents of Secondary Students,

As you are aware, the New York State Education Department will continue to administer the NYS Regents this June and August. For the Regents Examinations administered in June and August, all students who are in a course that culminates in a Regents Examination will be required to take the Regents Examination on the assigned date.

However, we continue to recognize the impact that COVID has had on our students, and in an effort to mitigate any possible negative impact on students’ final course grades, this year, once again, for students who take their assigned Regents Examination, during the 2022-23 school year,the district will calculate a Regents Examination into the final course average only if it results in a positive impact on a student’s final grade in the course.  Students who do not take their assigned Regents Examination will not be eligible for this consideration.

Regents Examination grades will appear on the report cards and transcripts regardless of whether the Regents score is calculated into the students’ final course grade.

Please note the following future change:

Currently, in the Middle Country Central School District, a student’s Regents grade accounts for 20% of his/her final course average.  Effective September 2023, the district will calculate a Regents or Final Examination into the final course average so that it will account for 12% of the final course grade.

In addition to the 12% from Regents or Final examinations, quarterly grades will be computed as follows:

  • Full year courses, each quarter will represent 22% of the final grade. 

  • Semester courses, each quarter will represent 44% of the final grade.

  • Quarter courses (middle school only), the quarter will represent 88% of the final grade.

We hope that you find this information helpful.  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher or guidance counselor.


Francine McMahon

Deputy Superintendent for Instruction