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Congratulations Hawkins Path Capstone Research Kick-Off Party!

On Tuesday, December 19 Hawkins Path Elementary School had a Capstone Research Project Kick-Off Party! We created 12 "hands-on" stations in the cafeteria that the children walked around to explore sensory stations, historical documents, physical challenges, music from around the world, a mystery box, and much more.  This activity helped the students to get thinking about various topics and had them start questioning and wondering.

The Capstone Kick Off party was a huge success. The children were engaged and excited to participate in the interactive stations. The conversations were meaningful and thought provoking. Children pushed each other’s thinking by reading and responding to one another’s post-it notes.  Upon reflecting on the event, students came up with many higher-level questions they felt inspired to research. Their Capstone projects, will no doubt, soar to new levels this year!


Capstone 1

Capstone 2

Capstone 3

 Capstone 4

Submitted by Jenna Rotolo, Hawkins Path Teacher

Photos by Melba Pabon