NHS Families:


As you already know, students are required to “tap in” every day with their student ID cards. Beginning tomorrow, we will be distributing lanyards with clear card pockets for student ID’s. Beginning the week of December 12, in line with the recommendation of a joint task force consisting of the Department of Homeland Security and Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office, students will be required to wear their lanyards and ID around their neck. On a side note, the lanyards are break away lanyards. We will be patient and flexible in the enforcement of wearing the ID’s and lanyards during that first week, however, for the remainder of the school year that follows, the requirement will be strictly enforced. Beginning the week of December 19th, students that do not have their lanyard/ID will be sent to Cafe B where their name will be recorded before being sent to class. After 3 occurrences of being sent to Cafe B for no lanyard and/or ID, students will be sent to ISS until a parent or guardian brings the lanyard and ID to Newfield.  Should you have any questions about these new requirements designed to add to the safety and security of our school community, please give us a call here at Newfield. Thank you!!


Scott Graviano

NHS Principal