Middle Country & the NYS Smart Schools Bond Act


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    The SMART SCHOOLS BOND ACT OF 2014 was passed in the 2014-15 Enacted Budget and approved by the voters in a statewide referendum held during the 2014 General Election on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

    The Smart Schools Bond Act authorized the issuance of $2 billion of general obligation bonds to finance improved educational technology and infrastructure to improve learning and opportunity for students throughout the State.


    The purpose of the Smart Schools Bond Act is to improve learning and opportunity for public and nonpublic school students by funding capital projects to:

    1. Install high-speed broadband or wireless internet connectivity for schools and communities;
    2. Acquire learning technology equipment or facilities, including but not limited to interactive whiteboards, computer servers, and desktop, laptop, and tablet computers;
    3. Construct, enhance, and modernize educational facilities to accommodate prekindergarten programs and to provide instructional space to replace classroom trailers; and/or
    4. Install high-tech security features in school buildings and on school campuses, including but not limited to video surveillance, emergency notification systems, and physical access controls.

    Middle Country Central School District Allocation: 


    District Requirements:

    All districts will be required to submit a Smart Schools Improvement Plan (SSIP) to demonstrate how Smart Schools Bond Act funds will be used to provide the educational tools and opportunities students throughout New York State will need to succeed in the 21st century economy. Effective plans should:
    • Include linkages between the district’s long-term educational planning and technology investments;
    • Provide learning opportunities beyond the classroom through the use of technology; and
    • Address the educational needs of all students, including students with disabilities, English language learners and those who have not succeeded in traditional classroom settings.

    Critical Elements of Smart Schools Investment Plan (SSIP):

    • Demonstration of Need
    • Adequate Technological Infrastructure
    • Professional Development
    • Technical Support
    • Sustainability

    Non-Public Schools In-District:

    • Are eligible to participate in technology loans to be provided by their districts of location, if those districts choose to purchase devices with their Smart Schools allocations.  They cannot purchase devices or other equipment on their own.
    • May borrow a server or other easily transportable equipment from their school district of location if the school district of location is going to purchase similar devices for its own use.
    • Eligible for up to $250 * enrollment for bond funds spent by District on devices.  OSNA has ~900 students = $225,000
    • The lending school district retains ownership of the devices and responsibility for maintenance and repair. 

    If you have any questions, you can contact Dr. Vincent Raicovi in one of three ways:
    • Email: vraicovi@mccsd.net
    • Phone: 631-285-8080
    • Mail: 8 43rd Street, Centereach, NY 11720